Sketch Collection: Week of October 26th

Most of these were for the comments section of KNIGHT OF ALANOC - for context, please read the story over at MEN PLUS MONSTERS, I have been working hard on it and it is a beautiful bara love story! :3c

KNIGHT OF ALANOC is a very cute and romantic tale about one man (Osric) learning to let himself love again, and another man (Xerxes) who finds a lot of himself in the other (not like that, lol, but yeah... eventually... ;3)

All pictures, characters and concepts are copyright Aero Zero (except for Cor Leonis, who belongs to Square-Enix / FFXV as it's demoted ojisan creation. LOL).

And here's a little NSFW BDSM-themed bonus, featuring Ravi from ACE OF BEASTS (He's in his late twenties / 30 years old here, before his markings of Strato covered him completely):

It was a study on how to draw him in a flashback, but I got carried away, lmao.




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